March 1st - 27th, 2017, Closed Mondays CASH ONLY

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Artless Collective presents the Best of Dead North Short Horror Film Competition

Wednesday March 16

8:00 pm to 10:00 pm


~~ Dead North is the world's only short circumpolar genre (horror, sci-fi, fantasy) film-MAKING festival open to all the fine folks freezing their butts off North of 60. Teams are given two months to create an original short film during the dead and dark of winter. All films are original and created by both professional and aspiring filmmakers from across the North. ADULTS ONLY. Rated R.

 $10 at the door. Doors open at 8.


Come check out the best of this year's Dead North Film Festival at the Snowcastle! Featuring short horror, sci-fi and fantasy films made by filmmakers across the North.

 (Yellowknife, NWT)
 A young woman recently laid off from her job struggles to make ends meet. With nowhere to go, she takes up residence in an abandoned barge where she soon realizes that it’s not as empty as she had thought.

 Killer Workout
 (Yellowknife, NWT)
 A young woman has been pushed to the back of her exercise class one too many times. She would kill to get to the front.

 (Yellowknife, NWT)
 'Buddy here takes his Goldfish for a walk. Forgetting that January outdoor conditions in Yellowknife can be unforgiving to a vulnerable little Goldfish, buddy here inadvertently kills his best friend. Then the Goldfish haunts him, some other shit happens and then it's over.

 (Behchoko, NWT)
 Edward, a young teen, is dreading asking out his crush Annabel to the upcoming grad dance. He finally works up the courage to ask the question, except he doesn't. He freezes up mid conversation and now Annabel thinks he's a creep. All seems lost to young Edward; until he pulls out his time machine.

 (Yellowknife, NWT)
 As the sun explodes, the Aurora Borealis is affected in a sinister way that threatens life in the North. One woman, saved by her disability, must navigate the brutal aftermath alone.

 Everybody Knows Me
 (Dawson City, Yukon)
 Dawson City, 1993. Struggling with the realities of marriage, fatherhood and the overbearing spectre of his past, Don Biggs does all he can to maintain his reputation, and his sanity.

 Cast Iron
 (Whitehorse/Carcross, Yukon)
 A dramatic misunderstanding leads a snowmobile ride through the northern wilderness and a simple evening out at the cabin to bloodshed. What desperate measures can be taken to hide the evidence now that there’s no turning back? The remoteness of the Yukon provides the perfect burial ground.

 (Somba K’e, Denendeh)
 A typical northern bush party leads to some very sinister undoings. No one is safe and no one can escape.

 (Arviat, Nunavut)
 Uiri (oo-eee-ree) is a story of addiction. A young man thirsts for the land, and goes alone to hunt for winter wolf. Addiction sets in and he is forced to fight to return home alive. What will win... life's fire or icy death?

 Locked In
 (Hay River, NWT)
 A brain injury robbed Jasper of his physical movement. He is locked inside his own mind. The events of his life unfold before him like pictures on a screen, but he is desperate to break out of his eternal prison.

 In My Dreams
 (Yellowknife, NWT)
 A mother stricken with guilt from an unforgivable mistake attempts to evade reality and live in a dream-world, embracing memories of a happier time. In my dreams combines technology with fantasy in a tale of love, desperation, and regret.

 (Yellowknife, NWT)
 With the imminent threat of an approaching enemy force, a reclusive alchemist works to prepare for the impending destruction.